Martin Luther King Day (MLK) in 60 seconds

Martin Luther King Day is a national holiday in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Observed on the 3rd Monday of January around his birthday – January 15. Stevie Wonder’s “Happy Birthday” is a Martin Luther King Day song.

Dr. King was the most important leader in the civil rights movement. He gave his life to ensure equal rights for African Americans during a time of racism and segregation.

King was born, Martin King, but after a visit to Germany took the name martin luther king in honor of the early protestant reformer.

As a pastor King felt strongly that the civil rights movement must be won with out violence. He organized boycotts, marches, protests, and rallies to promote equal rights through nonviolent civil disobedience.

This meant that as protestors marched they would choose not to return violence with violence.

King received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964 for combating racial inequality through nonviolence

King is one of the greatest communicators of all time. His most famous “I have a dream” speech is awesome. As a preacher he has hundreds of speeches worth listing to.

In 1968, King was shot and killed outside of his hotel in Memphis Tennessee. A few days later, Congress passed the Civil Rights Act of 1968.


King’s main influence was Jesus Christ who taught us to love our enemies, turn the other cheek, and pray for our persecutors.